ok I officially hate the internet... there is injustice in the world and starving children but the internet outrage machine is upset about a guy who bought his wife an exercise bike for Christmas... in a freaking commercial.

wow plasma is only at 270mb ram!

Now if only I could get Luks on LVM working on my Laptop with uefi, then Id be all over this.

Does anyone have a easy setup script to do this?

So it happened today... my 8 year old comes home from school and asked for a cell phone because such and such has a phone. Who would give a cell phone to an 8 year old???


It's Dave from @davey

Still love the Fosstodon community but I got that itch to play around with my own instance again. It's more for educational purposes 😉

My family and I are heading to Australia for 3 weeks at Christmas, so I might use this instance to document the trip.


Private Instance