Finished setting up my Bitwarden server for the family and updated all my passwords. I was thinking I should start a social account that highlights some of the golden passphrases that the app produced... but that wouldn’t be secure.

@queryquokka I got lazy and just paid. Details! How/what did you deploy?

@trevdev I run a cloudron server at home on an old intel nuc. A bit of a cheat method I know.... its just efficient for installing stuff like bitwarden, mastodon, pixelfed, nextcloud etc. without all the scripts and set up yourself. Also looks after the certificates. I only had to set up cloudron. There is however a limit on how many “apps” you can run per service.

I’m a bit of a lazy admin.

@trevdev I also back it up to my digitalocean spaces. Works well.

@queryquokka I docker the shit out of my deployments so I feel on cloudron. It's not lazy, it's resourceful.

@trevdev It’s basically all docker containers minus the messing around with them.

@trevdev Though I’m considering moving it all off my own hardware and just doing it as a DO droplet and paying the monthly fee. My internet here in Calgary is spotty because of all the usage from home.

@queryquokka How big does a droplet have to be to support your cloud?

@trevdev I’m currently running it all on a Dual core NUC with 8GB RAM and a 125GB SSD. Plus the $5 month for 250GB DO spaces for the backup.

The equivalent would the $40 droplet, 8GB Ram with 160GB storage.

I’m running 5 apps currently on cloudron, I have used a third of my storage and never use more than 4GB memory. So you could get away with smaller.

@trevdev the hidden cost is you need to pay for the cloudron service if you use more than 2 apps. I was grandfathered in on my price but that is a per annum cost. I’m looking at 55 a month to do everything. That’s mine and my family stuff so I think it’s worth it

@queryquokka Ahhh thanks for sharing.This is still more than I'm up for, despite you running 5 services and I'm mostly just running a nextcloud instance at home.

@trevdev The easiest way that I found for nextcloud at home was Ubuntu server with the nextcloud snap. That just changed as I added stuff. You can always get by just using hosted stuff (most is free). I just like the control 😁

@queryquokka I prefer self-hosted too, but I only have so much cognitive overhead as well. I have my nextcloud running on a Pi4 using nextcloudpi docker :D Works really well.

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