Trying to be safe and efficient with my tech (if there is such a thing). So today’s question is:

Where do you keep your backups?

If something different or a combination, I’d like to hear why in the comments. Thanks

@queryquokka I'm a web developer

I use borg backup for sensitive data on premise. Nice little end-to-end de-duplicated backup repos. I do this because it's better to never put this stuff online on a centralized service. The websites themselves are already risk enough.

As for trivial/collaborative info, I use my in-house nextcloud server where I have confidence in who controls the data and I can unplug my server anytime.

@queryquokka To make my life easier I wrote Python scripts that run database dumps, sshfs to mount the remote server, run a borg backup, delete the database dump on the server, then dismount.

@queryquokka I have one copy on disk locally, and another one uploaded to Backblaze B2. I've been using Duplicity, but I'm planning to try Borg for local backups and Duplicati for the cloud.

For less important things like my music collection I just rsync to my server.

@queryquokka more than one of the above for critical documents

@queryquokka I'm planning to back up off-premise. But haven't started.

@queryquokka I use Nextcloud to back up important files but don't back up my entire OS. The nextcloud server is backed up to a second location with zfs send/recv over ssh.

@johanv zfs- nice! Now that Fedora is moving over to btrfs, I’m looking to do the same with the similar features.

I use nextcloud to back up my important stuff also. Outside of that, I’m undecided what to do. It takes me 10 minutes to get my stuff reinstalled on my computer - so backing up the entire OS seems pointless. But I have all these spare ssds that are sitting around unused. Need a project - don’t want to do a NAS though

@queryquokka I used to back up the OS with Timeshift, but it doesn't restore properly for encrypted drives (might be fixed) and also takes up a lot of space. That's awesome that it only takes 10min to get set up, it definitely takes me a lot longer. I've been thinking of writing a script to do everything for me (I used to have one but it is out of date), that way a new install would be a no-brainer

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