@queryquokka congrats! I still have not deleted my account since it is linked to my youtube channel. In an ideal world I would delete it but I think I will keep the youtube channel to hopefully promote LBRY to people on youtube. Also I have a gmail account for school which will not be needed when I graduate soon, God willing :)

@johanv I technically still have a gmail account for school too but that’s in the process of being deprovisioned as I graduated in the spring. I still have chrome for my kids schooling (their accounts) on my computer. But no personal account anymore :-)

@queryquokka "deprovisioned" lol, a very descriptive way of saying it. I might actually keep my school account since having a ".edu" address can be useful when signing up for some things. Haven't decided yet

@johanv Just repeating what the official letter from the IT dept said. I got a chuckle from that too.

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