A couple of trouble shooting questions for the fediverse:

Does anyone know how to add a second verified email address to their profile? Read the docs and am still a little unsure how to do it?

Also I can’t seem to get rel=‘me’ working with Mastodon and . (@write_as) Followed the stuff on the forum to no avail.

Any ideas?

For e-mail edit your key (gpg --edit-key $KEY) and add new User ID (adduid). Then export your armored key (gpg --armor --export $KEY > file.asc) and upload it here again:

I think keyoxide will pick it up automatically.

As for rel=me on your site add rel="me" to the link: <a href="" class="button n02">

It will either work automatically or you need to edit your profile and save the same page address (so that Mastodon will re-fetch your home page).

See you!

@wiktor Thanks Wiktor. Worked great for the keys. Will try the rel= stuff later

Hi @queryquokka! The reason why you're having trouble is because rel='me' isn't possible with at the moment. It's definitely something on our radar though! We have a discussion already going on about this on our forum if you want to read and contribute to the discussion:

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