This morning my Silverblue installs updated with no problems off the beta to F33. First time in a long time, that I haven’t had my heart in my throat doing a release upgrade.

@allie Thanks. It will eventually slow but it’s been a positive lifestyle change for my wife and I so far - especially with our diet. Good luck with things for you!

Health Update 

Down 42lbs (19kgs) in 9 weeks. I didn’t think I had the discipline to get this far. I’m exactly half way to my ultimate goal... a weight that I haven’t been at since I was 17.

Interesting. gnome is really slow on my Thinkpad compared to my desktop. Both are AMD Ryzen but the Thinkpad has more RAM and more cores. Both were set up the same according to the FAQ and read_mes.

Any one have an opinion/reason as to why? Should I just try Mate or XFCE? (Though my preference is Gnome)

@brynet Appreciate it! The docs are some of the best but I was unsure about that one thing. Thanks for the help.

@brynet thanks Bryan. It does boot from NVME. How would I go about finding the drive name? There is a SATA drive as well with my Fedora install. I’d hate to nuke that by mistake.

Hey friends, I have a 240gb nvme drive on my Thinkpad that I’d like to dedicate to OpenBSD.

I recently played around with FDE on my desktop and was successful following the FAQ on the site. I would like to do the same with the Thinkpad.

How can I do that? The FAQ are for the SATA drives. Can I do that with a NVME drive?

@allie @vertigo I use Migadu. Their micro plan is pretty cheap and I can use my domains. I have OpenPGP with my keys on my email client but rarely use it. I think Migadu is Swiss. TBH any sensitive messages are sent via signal to a small circle of people. I don’t have a lot of sensitive emails coming in or going out. I couldn’t justify the $100CAD

@tdemin You’re probably right. So what would your trusted encryption software be?

@allie @vertigo I had been using Protonmail for a couple of years and recently moved away from it. Cost was one thing, the other was people in my circles didn’t use it and so encryption was pointless.

Do you use an end to end encrypted email provider? (e.g. protonmail, tutanota etc)

Would love to hear what people use and why? Go on get opinionated 😁

Is there a good open source alternative to SoundCloud?

Apologies for the language. Calmed down now. Still mad at the poor QA of Fedora. One machine down, one more to reinstall.

Have a good Friday night everyone

I find it funny that people are losing their minds back home in Australia over 13 new COVID-19 cases when we have had 200+ for 4 days in a row in Alberta. And that’s with mandatory (ish) masking inside public spaces.

Hey friends!

What are some good infosec related blogs to follow? Looking for both news based and educational type blogs.

@wiktor Thanks Wiktor. Worked great for the keys. Will try the rel= stuff later

A couple of trouble shooting questions for the fediverse:

Does anyone know how to add a second verified email address to their profile? Read the docs and am still a little unsure how to do it?

Also I can’t seem to get rel=‘me’ working with Mastodon and . (@write_as) Followed the stuff on the forum to no avail.

Any ideas?

@johanv zfs- nice! Now that Fedora is moving over to btrfs, I’m looking to do the same with the similar features.

I use nextcloud to back up my important stuff also. Outside of that, I’m undecided what to do. It takes me 10 minutes to get my stuff reinstalled on my computer - so backing up the entire OS seems pointless. But I have all these spare ssds that are sitting around unused. Need a project - don’t want to do a NAS though

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